photovoltaic plants

Primo Piano

Self compound

Photovoltaic plant household of rated power of 2.99 kWp.


In 2009 we realized a photovoltaic system fully integrated nominal output of 15.075 kWp at a hospital.

Work Shop

Photovoltaic system fully integrated nominal power 19.80 kWp made on coverage and Workshop

Industrial Unit

Photovoltaic system fully integrated power rated at 9 Kwp made to Santimento on an industrial unit.

food industry

Photovoltaic power plant rated at 18.70 kWp totally integrated built on the roof of a winery.

Photovoltaic systems for converting solar energy into electrical energy without using any fuel.

With our Smart Energy System you reduce your electric bill and eliminate the use of the electric generator. This allows the return of spending in two years.